About Me

I am a certified, registered Life Coach, survivor of narcissistic abuse and lover of life.

I have spent my career working in the service of others in the hospitality sector, home help service and as a qualified teacher. I know that I was given this life to help others, and now I thrive in my role of Life Coach where I am able to help others identify their potential, create their opportunities, evolve their capability and thrive.

When you’ve hit rock bottom and survived, there are very few things in life that can scare you.

I’ve been to my rock bottom from which I bounced up higher than where I came from. A break-up from a long-term relationship left me in pieces with my self-worth shattered. I was a victim of narcissism, not for the first time. I had been in a cycle of unhealthy relationships and only at my rock bottom did I realise that I was to blame for my choices and therefore responsible for the negative life I had created. So I evolved and created a life that I love.

I now live with my amazing wife in our Victorian gothic home in Cheshire filled with love and laughter, with a job that I have so much passion for.

After 19 brilliant years in the Further Education sector working as a coach, mentor and teacher trainer ended (after my third and final redundancy), I became a certified Life Coach.

During my time in the education sector I completed my Education Degree (2:1) and became a qualified and registered teacher. I recognise that my professional education and experience of developing individuals in the education sector plus my coaching experience and achievements have shaped me into this role, and I know that my life experiences have definitely directed me. Everything that I have achieved in life has led me to this calling.