How I Work


Coaching is a commitment and one that should be chosen wisely, and like many others, I offer the opportunity for you to find out how coaching can benefit you as well as for us both to decide if we will be a good fit. You will discover how you can benefit through my solution focused coaching approach and I will uncover what you are aiming to achieve. The coaching begins in this session, whether you choose to continue or otherwise.

Unlike many coaches, I don’t put a time limit on this session, to ensure that you are well prepared to make what could be a lifechanging decision and that can’t be effectively done in 15-30 minutes

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First of all we will agree on which coaching package will be most suitable for you. The very minimum recommended length of a coaching relationship is four sessions (ideal if you have a single non-complex issue to be focused on or for returning clients). The relationship may last for up to 12 sessions.

Each session will last for 60 – 75 minutes. You will see that most coaches offer a one hour service, which is generally my target, but the extra 15 minutes allows us a calmer pace, with adequate time for reflection and clarification should it be needed.


The frequency of sessions is up to each individual client, to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule. I would recommend sessions be held a week apart, but if you prefer, two weeks at a maximum. We would agree the next appointment at the end of each session.


I am a strong advocate of coaching through on-line conferencing, as the benefits of this approach are vast. Be coached in the comfort of your own home (or on the beach or by the pool if you prefer), avoiding the cost, time and stress of travel. All you need is your laptop, PC, phone or tablet.

I am happy for face-to-face sessions to take place in and around Northwich, Cheshire. We can agree to meet up in one of several locations and, weather permitting, can meet in a park or walk by the river, which will provide the added benefit of enjoying nature, exercise and the opportunity for invigorating the body and mind with fresh air and sunlight.

If you prefer, I am also happy to offer sessions via telephone, or a combination of all approaches.