What I offer

My coaching approach ensures that it is all about you. Who you are, how you can develop and how you will achieve your own personal evolution.

In my role as coach I will select the tools and techniques best suited to support you on an individual basis. The coaching that I provide is not about advising or teaching, counselling or therapy. My role is to help you identify your goals, your barriers and to create a path to help you achieve your targets. You can expect to benefit widely through our relationship, with your wants and needs central to each session’s focus. Depending on your needs, you can expect to:

• Identify any false beliefs you carry

• Create new beliefs that will better support you

• Develop lifelong conscious thinking habits

• Practice healthy positive thinking to create your reality

• Create a positive mindset

• Escape the victim mentality

• Forgive others and take back responsibility for your own emotions

• Recognise and achieve your hidden potential

• Grow your self-esteem and confidence

• Discover the motivation to change

• Believe in your abilities without reservation

• Take control of your life

• Take massive action

• Evolve and thrive

Key areas I can help you with

  • Fulfilment

    Are you feeling like your life is just not going as you know it should? Do you have dreams and desires that are unfulfilled, and you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re stuck in a relationship, job, career or circumstance that you know is holding you back?

    Then I’m certainly the right life coach to support you. Some of the things that I can help you achieve are to:

    • Identify exactly what you want in your life

    • Realise your full potential (you may surprise yourself)

    • Develop your self-confidence

    • Love yourself

    • Manifest the life you believe that you deserve

    • Become a better version of yourself

    • Believe that if you can visualise it, you can achieve it

  • Happiness

    Having experienced deep unhappiness myself, I know this dark and lonely feeling. I also know that it can be escaped, and true happiness can be created. The first thing you MUST accept is that happiness is found within, not without. If this is a concept you struggle with, then you’re not alone. Happiness is unique for everyone, and so with this in mind I can coach you to:

    • Identify what happiness is for you

    • Get through a rough patch of your life

    • Create lifetime habits to develop a happy life

    • Increase your self confidence

    • Love yourself

    • Take responsibility for your own mental health

  • Narcissism survival

    As a survivor of three narcissistic relationships, two of which I still maintain though the boundaries I have created, I know how narcissists can destroy your own feeling of self-worth and confidence; drain your energy and happiness; damage your relationships with others and leave you questioning your own sanity. If you feel you’ve been the victim of narcissistic treatment, I know I can help you:

    • Recover your sanity, self-esteem and sense of reality

    • Break contact with narcissists that no longer serve you

    • Manage relationships with narcissists that you cannot/don’t want to sever (eg your parents, child or children’s parent)

    • Avoid future relationships with narcissists

    • Find emotional freedom by forgiving the narcissist

    • Find emotional freedom by forgiving yourself

    • Get your life back on track and live a fulfilled life

Coaching principles

There are many types of coaching, but through the solution focused approach, I utilise the following principles:

• The focus is on the solution, not the problem

• The coach’s role is to enable the client to access their resourcefulness

• The client sets the agenda

• The coach and the client are equals

• The coach will stretch and challenge the client

• Coaching is about action and change

• Coaching is non-judgemental